Surah Rahman

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Surah Rahman (55):  Fabi-ayyi ala-i rabbikuma tukaththiban. Translation: ‘Then which of the favours Of your Lord will ye deny?’

The blessed verse is highlighted many times in Surah Rahman as a reminder for those reciting. The verse is beautifully written with contrasting colours in a fine calligraphic flow, that’s effortlessly emphasised by the spheric form and neutral background.

Our canvas prints are manufactured with the finest materials. Using high quality pigmented UV resistant ink to ensure every little detail of the original image is transferred on to the pure cotton canvas. Each print is sealed with a UV-coated finish to protect the art from dust, moisture and fading. The canvas is precisely wrapped around custom-made wooden frames, installed with brackets. So, your artwork is ready to hang. 

* Fine Art Paper and Photo paper are without frames

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