Millionaire Hair Mist

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Inspired by a traditional family recipe, Millionaire Hair Mist is made up of a blend of supercharged organic ingredients which work as the ultimate pick-me-up suitable for all hair types. Each spray of the gentle and lightweight oil mist deeply nourishes and strengthens each strand of hair as it combats frizz, dandruff, and hair loss without leaving hair greasy. Transforming dry, dull, tired and lackluster hair from the inside out, Millionaire Hair Mist will leave your hair strong as ever and with an incredible light-reflecting, dazzling shine – all without a single trace of grease.

Size : 100ml


Organic aloe vera leaf juice: The elegant, calming, nourishing, soothing Aloe Vera seals in moisture, hydrate your locks and gives it that stunning Millionaire shine. 

Organic Blackcurrant extract: A vitamin superstar on a mission – Blackcurrant works to bring life and volume into your hair, and shield your locks against those harmful effects of the environment. 

Pomegranate extract: The ever so powerful Pomegranate has supercharged qualities which work miracles to bring life to even the most damaged and brittle hair. 

Argan Oil: Pure liquid gold in its looks and uses – Argan Oil is very much in vogue. The one everyone knows and loves. After all, Argan does restore and rejuvenate your fabulous locks. 

Sage essential oil: A true saviour – it is no surprise that Sage’s Latin name means ‘to save’. Its curative properties deeply nourish your hair, giving you luxuriant locks.

Ginger essential oil: The ancient root not only makes for a superb ingredient in cooking but the wise flowering plant aids in promoting hair growth and keeping the scalp super healthy.

Castor oil: The clever Castor Oil is a very much underrated oil – it’s the quiet child in the family which pleasantly surprises everyone with top marks! Our gentle yet powerful ingredient in Millionaire Hair Mist.

How To Use

Millionaire Hair Mist is perfect for treatment and styling. Simply spray to the roots or wherever your hair needs it. 

There is no wrong way to use Millionaire Hair Mist – here is our take:

  • Spray on damp hair and leave to dry as a conditioning treatment
  • Spray on damp hair and style as a shine-enhancing spray
  • Spray evenly on dry hair to revive and control frizz
  • Spray on wet hair and wrap hair in a warm towel. Leave on for approx. 10 minutes, then style.

Please read the ingredients list on the safety/allergy advice before purchasing, by purchasing you are confirming you have read the safety policy.

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